Transfer Pathways for Minnesota State Community College Students

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We make transferring to Hamline easy

There's a reason that so many students choose Hamline when they decide to finish their bachelor's degrees after attending a community college. We provide personalized guidance to make it easy for you to understand which credits will transfer to Hamline.

Hamline's Transfer Pathways guide students who start their college careers at the seven metro-area community colleges and wish to transfer to Hamline to complete their degree. By completing preapproved coursework at your current school, you can guarantee that your credits will meet Hamline’s general education requirements and/or count toward a specific Hamline degree.

Hamline currently provides pathways toward a BS in biology and a BA in psychology, with plans to add pathways for additional areas of study. 

If you complete an approved Transfer Pathway at a Minnesota State community college and are admitted to Hamline University, all 60 associate degree credits will count toward the related bachelor’s degree. Students must meet the required 2.0 GPA in each course and follow the prescribed course plan listed in the pathway. 

If you have completed a pathway and do not see it listed, please get in touch with our office directly for an unofficial transcript review. In many cases, your courses may still transfer towards the degree. If you are currently completing a pathway and have questions about elective course options, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at or 651-523-2207.