Register Your Vehicle

Online parking registration

All faculty, staff, and students must register their vehicles (including motorcycles and motor scooters) for parking at Hamline University. Failure to register your vehicle is a violation of the Hamline Parking Policy and may result in a parking fine. There is no charge for registration. However, it does not automatically give you a parking permit. See Hamline's parking policy for information on obtaining a parking permit.

The information you enter must be accurate and complete. Online registration is the final step in the registration process. There is no review or editing beyond you entering your registration data. The information you enter will be used to determine parking enforcement actions. You are responsible for any information you enter into the registration database. Any violations issued based upon inaccurate registration will not be dismissed and are the responsibility of the registrant.

Payment for parking permits for students will be through billing of the students account and payroll deduction for staff and faculty. Payment will not be billed until a permit has been validated. Each person purchasing a parking permit will have to go to the Office of Public Safety to be issued a parking permit and to have their permit date-validated. At this point billing for the permit will be made electronically either to student accounts or payroll deductions.

Faculty or staff who do not use payroll deduction to purchase their permits must go to the Cashier's Office and pay the permit fee in advance. Then proceed to the Office of Public Safety with the paid receipt for permit purchase and validation.

Note to staff and faculty: Parking permit fees are a pre-taxed benefit. By electing payroll deduction, you can take advantage of this tax benefit. You will have the option of paying for your parking permit as a one-time deduction or in monthly installments. As long as you choose payroll deduction, the entire amount of the parking permit fee will be pre-taxed. If you choose to pay for your parking permit at the Cashier's Office you do not receive any tax benefit.

*Your vehicle will be registered when you fill out the online parking application under the parking tab.