• Appointment Policies 

    Follow the steps below to set up an appointment.

    • Students must bring a copy of the specific assignment (in print or electronic form) to the consultation so that we can ensure that the consultation focuses on the professor's assignment instructions. If you do not bring the required materials, we may cancel or reschedule your appointment.

    • Appointments are available in 30-minute and 60-minute sessions. Students may schedule up to 120 minutes of appointment time per week.

    • Students may schedule appointments no more than three weeks in advance.

    ** The Writing Center has limited hours during J-term and summer term. Check our website for updates. 

    Late and “No Show” Appointment Policy 

    If you are more than five minutes late to an appointment, the Writing Center reserves the right to open the appointment to a client on the waiting list. You will be able to reschedule your appointment.

    You can cancel your scheduled appointments through WC Online. You may also call 651-523-2026, email us at writingcenter@hamline.edu, or stop by the Writing Center front desk in Bush Library. To ensure fair access for all, clients who miss two scheduled appointments without advance notice will need to email the Writing Center and ask to have access restored to online scheduling.  

    Working with a Consultant 

    • Arrive at your appointment with a copy of the specific assignment (in print or electronic form) to the consultation so that we can ensure that the consultation focuses on the professor's assignment instructions.

    • Prepare a list of two or three specific concerns you’d like to address, keeping in mind appointment time constraints. To help us prepare for your appointments, please specify those questions and concerns in the appropriate space on the WC Online reservation form (www.hamline.mywconline.com).

    • You and/or the consultant may read parts of your paper aloud as a means of becoming attuned to your own language use patterns.

    • The two of you will discuss the writing concerns you raise and, if time allows, may move on to other issues the consultant identifies.

    We Do Not: 

    Replace instructors. Your own professors are expert sources of guidance on writing assignments. Use the Writing Center along with—not in place of—faculty assistance. If you’re not sure what the professor wants or if an assignment is unclear, please seek clarification from the professor before you come to us.

    Fix” papers for you. We will ask questions about your goals for the assignment and your goals as a writer; we will then engage you in conversation aimed at helping you become a better writer.

    Edit or proofread papers for you. We will assess error patterns and teach you how to identify and correct those errors on your own—empowering you to improve your own writing.

    Cover papers comprehensivelyIt is neither possible nor appropriate for consultants to review every aspect of a client’s writing. Rather, we will draw your attention to manageable problems in the current draft (given assignment requirements and your own writing goals). Addressing nuanced issues usually requires multiple appointments.

    Assist with take-home essay examinations without the instructor’s written permission. The instructor must grant all students in the course such permission.

    Read clients’ work outside of scheduled appointment times.  

    Interpret instructor feedback. Please talk to your instructor if you have questions about the instructor’s feedback on your writing—please do not ask Writing Center staff to interpret that feedback for you.

    Predict grades.

    Know everything. If a consultant does not know the answer to a particular question or how to help with an assignment, he or she will refer you to a staff member who does.

    Confidentiality Policy

    Hamline instructors support the Writing Center's mission and are pleased to see students working to become better writers. Please be advised that the Writing Center may share information about students’ work at the center with Writing Center staff members.

    In working with the Writing Center, you consent to the disclosure of information regarding your work at the center to the people listed above. We encourage you to discuss your writing concerns directly with your instructors as well.