Writing Center Links and Resources

School of Education and Leadership capstone materials

The official Hamline School of Education and Leadership capstone and dissertation formatting guide (PDF) is a helpful resource for students working on their dissertations. You can refer to this guide when you have questions about setting up your title page and table of contents, inserting headings, or adjusting margins and spacing.

Capstone project completion guide (Google Doc)

This guide explains what each project chapter should contain and how to submit your finished project.

Capstone thesis completion guide (Google Doc)

This guide explains what each thesis chapter should contain, the role of the Institutional Review Board and your committee, and how to submit your finished thesis.

Dissertation completion guide (PDF)

This guide explains the dissertation process and how to submit your finished dissertation.

Citation styles: APA, MLA, Chicago, and legal citations

American Psychological Association (APA) citations, style, and grammar (apa.org)

The official APA website contains detailed information about all APA-related topics.

APA instructional aids (apa.org)

This section of the official APA website contains tutorials and webinars, handouts and guides, and sample papers to help you learn APA 7.

Chicago School of Professional Psychology: APA resources (owlc-tcs.com)

This is an interactive guide on in-text citations, references, and formatting in APA 7.

Walden University: APA resources (waldenu.edu)

This detailed guide about APA 7 includes videos, checklists, and quizzes.

Purdue University: Online Writing Lab (OWL) citation guides (purdue.edu)

This website contains information about MLA 8, APA 6 and 7, Chicago 17, and more.

MLA Style Center (mla.org)

The official MLA website contains detailed information about all MLA-related topics.

The Indigo Book (law.resource.org)

This free ebook explains legal citations.

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Avoiding plagiarism

University of Maryland Global Campus: How to avoid plagiarism (umgc.edu)

This page offers a comprehensive tutorial on how to avoid plagiarism; how to quote, paraphrase, and summarize; and how to source, introduce, cite, and reference materials.

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General university writing guides

Purdue University: Online Writing Lab (OWL) (purdue.edu)

The Purdue OWL is an extensive online writing lab with guides for students and instructors on everything from research papers to cover letters. This site also includes writing exercises and online tutorials, and it is an especially helpful source of information about MLA and APA citations.

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: Writing Center (unc.edu)

This website provides thorough handouts and videos about general writing concerns, citation style, sentence-level concerns, specific writing assignments and contexts, and writing for specific fields.

Colorado State University: Writing@CSU (colostate.edu)

This website provides detailed definitions, writing guides, writing activities, and collections of writing samples. The site also has a specific focus on disciplinary writing and professional writing, with strong examples of both.

University of Toronto at Scarborough: Writing advice (utoronto.ca)

These guides offer advice on planning a paper, conducting research, using sources, and revising. You will also find information about writing for specific disciplines, such as history or science.

University of Wisconsin: Writing Center (wisc.edu)

The Writer’s Handbook is full of helpful and highly structured information about academic and professional writing, writing process and structure, and other topics.

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute: Center for Global Communication+Design (rpi.edu)

This site contains many writing guides and visual design resources. 

University of Texas at Austin: Writing Center (utexas.edu)

This resource offers a long list of online handouts to aid students during the writing process.

University of Manchester: Academic Phrasebank (manchester.ac.uk)

This resource provides examples of phrases you can use to define terms, compare and contrast ideas, signal transitions, and more. This phrasebank is especially helpful for students who have been told their writing is choppy or lacks flow.

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ESL resources

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: ESL resources (unc.edu)

This page includes language resources and guides about US academic communication and culture. You'll find dictionaries, pronunciation guides, advice about talking with instructors, and more.

Purdue University: Online Writing Lab (OWL) Multilingual resources (purdue.edu)

These resources for ESL students and instructors include grammar and mechanics, practice and exercises, and workplace writing.

English grammar quizzes for multilingual writers (a4esl.org)

This resource has quizzes and exercises to help teach English usage, grammar, and vocabulary.

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Grammar resources

Grammar Bytes! (chompchomp.com)

This humorous site features an exhaustive list of definitions, examples, and grammatical terms with both interactive and printable exercises and handouts to develop, maintain, and practice your grammar knowledge.

Capital Community College Foundation: Grammar Guide (guidetogrammar.org)

This resource index addresses a variety of grammar concerns. It also provides access to quizzes, PowerPoint presentations, and other materials concerning grammar.

Grammar Girl (quickanddirtytips.com)

Grammar Girl is an online resource that provides grammar tips of the day and podcasts of grammar discussions to stream or download. This is a helpful site when you have a specific grammar question such as “affect vs. effect,” “who vs. whom,” or “lay vs. lie.”

Grammarly (grammarly.com)

This site contains detailed, example-rich guides about grammar, punctuation, and other common writing concerns.

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Literature reviews

Below is a nine-minute instructional video on writing literature reviews by the North Carolina State University Libraries.