• For Faculty

    As instructors, you likely have time to help students with some, but not all, stages of their writing and communication. Our peer tutors are trained to help your students with any writing- or communication-related project, complementing the work you do in the classroom. They emphasize tools and strategies that students can transfer to other tasks in your class or elsewhere.

    We look forward to working with you!

    Online and Print Resources

    Access the Writing and Communication Center’s collection of online and print resources for students and instructors or Hamline University’s Writing Across the Curriculum page.

    Class Visits

    In 15-20 minutes, we can describe for you and your students the services the Writing and Communication Center provides and how to use our scheduling software. If you would like a class visit, please email the Writing and Communication Center at writingcenter@hamline.edu.

    Required Visits Policy

    Faculty recommendations are essential to the success of the Writing and Communication Center. Experience has taught us, however, that requiring students to use the Writing and Communication Center is counterproductive. Students required to visit the center are less engaged, less willing to take ownership of their project, and less inclined to participate in the collaborative learning and problem-solving upon which Writing and Communication Center pedagogy is based.

    Please do . . .

    • Encourage all your students to use the Writing and Communication Center.
    • Schedule a visit to your class from a Writing and Communication Center representative.

    Please don’t . . .

    • Require students to schedule a Writing and Communication Center appointment.
    • Offer extra credit to students who visit the Writing and Communication Center.


    The Writing and Communication Center has some capacity to offer class workshops. Contact Rob Cannella at rcannella01@hamline.edu if you feel that a workshop on a particular topic would benefit your students.


    Rob Cannella, the Communication Specialist, is happy to answer questions about writing and communication, talk with you about your assignments, or share whether one or more of your students have scheduled appointments. Please do not hesitate to contact him at rcannella01@hamline.edu or 651-523-2026.