• Summer 2022 COVID-19 Notice

    In Summer 2022, the Writing and Communication Center will offer in-person and online tutoring. Students who attend in-person tutoring are asked to wear a mask. 

    The Writing and Communication Center

    The Writing and Communication Center (WCC) offers free one-on-one tutoring in writing, public speaking, and other forms of communication to all Hamline undergraduate and graduate students. Through discussion-based sessions with our peer tutors, students of all skill levels learn how to express their ideas more effectively and are empowered to achieve their academic, professional, and personal goals through communication.

    Making an Appointment 

    You can sign up for a 30- or 60-minute time slot by clicking the Access the Schedule button below, which will take you to the log-in screen of WCOnline, our scheduling system. First-time users need to register for an account; this system is separate from the log-in information you use to access email and Canvas. Once you log in to the schedule, click the white time slot of your choice to fill out an appointment form. After you click “create appointment” at the bottom of the form, the square will turn yellow. At that point, your appointment is officially scheduled.

    Access the Schedule

    If you want to meet with a tutor face to face, you can schedule an in-person appointment. These appointments take place at the Writing and Communication Center on the lower level of Bush Memorial Library. You can find us by going down the stairs to the right of the Central Service Desk or by using the first-floor elevator.

    If you want to meet with a tutor but can't attend an in-person appointment, you can schedule a synchronous video appointment. If you choose this option, please log back in to the schedule five minutes before the start of your appointment. Click your yellow appointment slot, and then click the green "Start Video Appointment" link that appears in the middle of the form that pops up. This will start a video chat, so be sure your webcam and microphone are working. Your tutor will join you shortly and explain how to share your document with us. All online appointments are conducted on Central Time.

    If you don’t want to meet with a tutor directly, you can schedule an asynchronous online review. If you choose this option, your tutor will independently provide feedback on your document during your scheduled time; you do not need to be present for the review. Please add a Google Doc link in the “Additional Notes” section of the appointment form or send your paper to your tutor at their Hamline email address. You should also leave clear instructions or questions for your tutor in the “Additional Notes” section or in the document itself. You can check your Google Doc or Hamline inbox for your tutor’s feedback after the scheduled review time. Tutors can usually review 2–3 pages in half an hour and 4–6 pages in an hour, depending on the depth of help you request and the complexity of the paper. Addressing long or especially challenging projects usually requires multiple appointments. All asynchronous online reviews are conducted on Central Time.

  • What We Can Help You With

    • Understanding assignments
    • Brainstorming ideas and planning drafts
    • Developing thesis statements and research questions
    • Using paraphrases, quotations, and other evidence
    • Writing clear, concise, and organized content
    • Correcting grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors
    • Citing sources in MLA or APA
    • Formatting documents
    • Practicing presentations

    Projects We Work With

    • Research papers, analytical essays, and all other Hamline writing assignments
    • Application essays for scholarships, study away, and graduate school
    • Cover letters and résumés
    • Presentations and speeches
    • Infographics and other visual media
    • Graduate capstones and dissertations

    What to Bring to Your Appointment

    • Any progress you have made on your project
    • A rubric, assignment sheet, or other instructions
    • A list of your questions and concerns
    • Optional: Feedback from your peers and professor
    • Optional: Relevant class readings and research sources

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