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    Hamline’s sustainability team, under the leadership of Valentine Cadieux, spent their summer getting their hands dirty and keeping them that way. It was productive time spent outdoors in more ways than one. Working in the dirt complemented classroom and other traditional liberal arts learning experiences, plus it was beneficial to our community.

    Small Abbott

    Professor Emeritus Ann Mabbott will continue to educate teachers of English as a second language into her retirement. She is taking her expertise to around the world as an English Language Specialist for the U.S. Department of State. Her first stop will be Spain.


    Hamline University is a leader in student community service with the Liberal Education as Practice (LEAP), which began in 2013. As part of first-year students’ fall orientation, LEAP introduces new Pipers to the importance of community involvement and learning through immersion in not only life on campus, but in the surrounding neighborhoods and communities.