Counseling & Health Services Fees

Counseling and Health Office

Student health insurance

Access to health care and health insurance is vital to preventing and treating illness and injury. Hamline University provides health insurance to eligible students and allows others to opt out and use other forms of insurance. Please review the following information carefully to learn if you are eligible for Hamline's health insurance coverage and how to opt in or out of coverage.

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Counseling and health clinic fees

Counseling and health visit costs

  • There is no cost to undergraduate students for provider visits at Counseling and Health Services.
  • Graduate students who want to use Counseling and Health Services may do so by paying a per-semester fee. Graduate students should contact our office at 651-523-2204 for current fee information. 

No-show fees (for all students)

Students who fail to show up for a scheduled appointment will have a $15 fee billed to their student account.

Additional service costs (for all students)

  • Ear irrigation: No charge

  • Nebulizer: $10

  • Emergency contraception: No charge (temporarily no charge due to grant funding)
  • Pregnancy test (urine): no charge
  • Rapid COVID test: No charge (temporarily no charge due to university funding)
  • Rapid Mono test: $10
  • Rapid Strep test: $10
  • STI testing:
    • Chlamydia and Gonorrhea: $21
    • HIV: $23
  • Urinalysis (dipstick): No charge
  • Quantiferon (TB) test: $50
  • Flu vaccine: $20

Health Services does not bill insurance for these services, including immunizations. These services will be billed to the student's account or the student may pay cash.

  • Lab tests not run in the clinic will be sent to Labcorp.  Labcorp will bill the insurance that has been submitted at the time of the visit; prices may vary. Students are able to choose at each visit which labs are billed to insurance and which are billed to the student's account. Hamline Health Services does not guarantee that all insurances will cover labs at Labcorp.  It is the responsibility of the student to check with their insurance company regarding coverage.
  • If the student does not want to bill their insurance, Hamline Health Services can bill the student’s account for the labs sent to Labcorp.