• Forms and Policies

    Note that completing the forms below will not automatically create an appointment for you. To schedule an appointment with a counseling or medical provider, please call the Counseling & Health Services office at 651-523-2204.

    Documents Needed for your first Counseling Appointment:

    1. Demographic Sheet (unless you have already completed this form for a health services appointment during the current academic year)
    2. Counseling Intake Form 
    3. Consent Form
    4. Student Photo

    Documents Needed for your first Health Services Appointment: 

    1. Demographic Sheet (unless you have already completed this form for a counseling appointment during the current academic year)
    2. Health History Form
    3. Consent Form
    4. Health Insurance Card
    5. Student Photo

    No Show Policy

    Missed appointments limit the accessibility of our staff to other students. If you are unable to attend a scheduled appointment, it is important that you call us to cancel or reschedule. If you fail to attend an appointment without notifying us at least 2 hours in advance, you will be charged a "no-show" fee (assessed to your student account). The fee for a missed appointment with a medical provider or counselor is $15.00. The fee for a missed appointment with the psychiatrist is $50.00.

    Find more information on Health Clinic Fees.

    Excuse Note Policy

    Counseling & Health Services does not provide excuse notes for routine illnesses, injuries, or mental health concerns that may lead to missed classes, labs, exams, projects, assignment deadlines, or athletic competitions/practices.

    Find more information on our Excuse Note Policy

    Eligibility For Services

    Current Students: All full-time undergraduate students at Hamline are charged a Counseling & Health Services fee each semester, and are automatically eligible to receive services.  All other Hamline students can access C&HS services by paying a per-semester fee.  (For current rates, contact the C&HS administrative assistant at 651-523-2204.)  

    Students on Leave: Students taking a leave of absence from Hamline can receive on-going services for a period of up to one semester, provided that they have paid the Counseling & Health Services fee for that semester.  For leaves extending beyond one semester, students will be offered referrals to off-campus providers.

    Alumni: Students who have graduated from Hamline are not eligible for on-going services through C&HS, but may receive assistance with finding qualified off-campus medical and mental health providers.

    Suspended Students: Students suspended from Hamline are not eligible for on-going services through C&HS, but may receive assistance with referrals for off-campus providers. 

    Emotional Support Animal Policy

    The Counseling & Health Services office does not provide Emotional Support Animal (ESA) documentation.  Students seeking to have an ESA in campus housing should contact the Hamline University Disability Resources office to determine whether they may qualify for this disability accommodation, and to discuss sources for necessary documentation.  

    ADHD Policies

    Counseling & Health Services is not able to provide diagnostic testing for ADHD or ongoing prescription stimulant medication management for ADHD. Students concerned about an ADHD diagnosis or access to treatment are welcome to schedule an appointment with one of our clinicians to discuss referral options and/or common policies regarding controlled substances/ADHD.