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    Who is eligible to receive counseling services at C&HS?

    All Hamline students are eligible to receive counseling services.  For couples counseling, non-student partners are eligible to participate in the company of a registered Hamline student. 

    Is counseling confidential?

    All counseling information (including the fact that a student has been seen by a counselor) is considered private information under the Minnesota State Privacy Act and laws covering privileged communication between a client and a therapist. Neither parents nor university employees have access to information about your participation in counseling, unless you specifically request (in writing) that your counselor share this information.

    Is there a cost to see a counselor?

    Counseling services are free to Hamline University undergraduate students.  (Costs are covered in tuition fees.)  Graduate students may pay a per-semester fee for access to counseling services.

    How long is a counseling appointment? 

    Counseling appointments are scheduled for either 50 minutes (full-session) or 25 minutes (half-session).

    How many counseling appointments am I allowed to have?  

    In the interest of providing access to as many students as possible, we operate with a limit of 10 hours of individual counseling per client per academic year.  (This 10 hours can be a combination of full- or half-sessions.)  If you are concerned that 10 hours may be insufficient to meet your needs, C&HS staff will work with you to determine whether you will be best served through on-campus counseling, or by referral to a provider in the local community.  (Although students do have the option to petition for a temporary extension beyond the 10-hour limit, our ability to honor such requests depends in part on whether other students are waiting to access services.)

    Is counseling available during the summer?

    From late-May through mid-August, C&HS maintains limited hours of operation and counseling services.  Students interested in participating in summer counseling should call the office for information about counselor availability.     

    What are the qualifications of the counseling staff at C&HS?

    Counseling at Hamline is provided by individuals who have completed a doctorate in counseling or clinical psychology from a graduate program accredited by the American Psychological Association.  Each member of the permanent counseling staff is a Minnesota state-licensed psychologist.  All counseling services at C&HS are offered under the oversight of the Director of Counseling, Hussein Rajput, PhD, LP.          

    How does counseling work?

    Counseling is different for each person.  In general, when you meet with a counselor for the first time, you can expect to discuss your concerns in detail.  Your counselor will want to understand how the problem began, and how it affects your daily life.  You and your counselor may agree that just “venting” was sufficiently helpful, or you may jointly decide on a plan for dealing with your concerns on an ongoing basis.  This could involve continued discussion and exploration of the nature of the problem, as well as specific strategies to address it.  For example, your counselor might ask you to record when and where a problem seems to recur, and might help you with targeted skill-building exercises, such as relaxation training. 

    Does counseling really help?

    Yes.  Research studies with large national samples have shown that most people who use counseling find it helpful.  The vast majority of students surveyed at Hamline also report that their problems were improved or resolved as a result of their participation in counseling, and that they would recommend counseling to a friend.  Not surprisingly, the amount that you will benefit depends on how much effort you are willing to put into the process.

    What can I do to get the most out of counseling? 

    • Attend all your scheduled appointments.  (If you are not able to attend a given appointment, please provide C&HS as much advanced notice as possible.) 
    • Come to each counseling session with some ideas of what you want to focus on.  Be honest about your feelings, thoughts, and experiences. 
    • Work with your counselor to develop your counseling goals, discuss your progress towards these goals, and modify them as needed. 
    • Complete any “homework” planned by you and your counselor. Let your counselor know if you feel you are not being helped, so that he or she can help you figure out alternative strategies for addressing your concerns. 

    Can C&HS provide off-campus referrals for counseling services?

    Yes.  We maintain a detailed list of community mental health providers with offices close to campus.  The counseling staff can also assist with professional referrals for concerns that are beyond the scope of treatment offered on campus and that may require specialized or extended care (such as chemical dependency or severely disordered eating). 

    I’ve heard about a wait list.  What does that mean?

    During times of peak demand for services, students sometimes have to wait to access on-going counseling appointments.  The average time spent on the waiting list is 1-2 weeks.  However, wait times may extend longer if you are seeking to meet with only one particular member of the staff.  While a student is on the wait list, crisis counseling is still available during weekday crisis hours.  Alternatively, students who prefer to access community resources can schedule a one-time consultation/referral appointment. 

    Group Counseling

    In addition to individual counseling services, C&HS offers a variety of counseling groups.  For more information about current group offerings, contact us at counselinghealth@hamline.edu.

    Training Opportunities

    C&HS offers a post-doctoral fellowship for graduate students in counseling or clinical psychology.  Undergraduate students interested in gaining experience related to health and well-being may be interested in the Hamline Peer Education Program.




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