• Major and Career Exploration

    Major and Career Exploration

    Major and career decisions are achieved through ongoing experience and reflection. Understanding yourself, your interests, values, skills and personality style will help you tremendously in your career search. We offer two assessments, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and the Strong Interest Inventory, to students free of charge. In addition to individual assistance, the following resources are available.

    Major Exploration Week Informational Interviews

    Majors: Piper Prepared | Career Ready

    A Hamline education is a Career Ready Education. Hamline's Liberal Arts coursework prepares students to enter the world of work as competent and dynamic professionals.

    First, learn about the Career Ready Competencies and how Hamline Plan classes align with skills expected of graduates in the workplace.

    Then, select your Major below to learn how your classes are building your Career Ready Competencies, get suggestions for how to expand your skills outside the classroom, and see what future career pathways you could pursue.


    Use the Career Readiness Reflection Sheet (make a copy & save to your Google Drive!) to showcase how your courses, jobs/internships, and other experiences are helping you become career-ready.

    Major Exploration Sheets

    Learn about the types of career paths and internships you could pursue with your major, and review job search resources and professional organizations that relate to each major offered at Hamline. Select an information sheet from the menu below.