• New Transfer Student Class Registration

    Students entering Hamline University as transfer students may register as early as 7:00 a.m. on November 13, 2017 depending on how many credits you are transferring. See registration dates below: 

    • Seniors and Continuing Post-Baccs (96+ credits) -- November 13 (7 a.m.) until the first day of the term
    • Juniors (64-95.99 credits) -- November 14 (7 a.m.) until the first day of the term
    • Sophomores (32-63.99) -- November 15 (7 a.m.) until the first day of the term
    • First Years (less than 32 credits) -- November 16 (7 a.m.) until the first day of the term 

     Academic Advising recommends that you begin by reviewing the Transfer Registration Guide , the Registration Worksheet, and the current University Class Schedules (also located below).

    Once you submit your registration via Piperline, Academic Advising will review your course selections. If we have questions or concerns, we will call and email you within two to three working days. Alternately, if your course selections look appropriate, we will email you and tell you that your registration is complete. Once your registration is complete, an "advising hold" is placed on your schedule. Once in place, you may make schedule changes by contacting Academic Advising.

    Most new transfer students find it helpful to meet with Academic Advising once they have registered for classes. Together, we can review your transcript, identify major and other requirements, and determine a timeline to graduation. You can schedule an appointment by calling the Academic Advising front desk, 651-523-2912. This step is strongly recommended for new transfer students.

    Again, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to call or email Academic Advising!