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Hamline's Center for Global Environmental Education marks two milestones



Hamline University School of Education’s Center for Global Environmental Education, often referred to as CGEE, has more than one reason to celebrate this fall.

In October, CGEE enlisted the help of three historic figures for the latest development in the center’s interactive learning series, Waters to the SeaTM. The internationally-acclaimed multimedia program is used in school curriculums for grades 4-8 across the country to educate students about the history, hydrology, ecology, and quality of various water systems.

The newest project will help tens of thousands of students in Texas learn more about one of their state’s most important rivers, the Trinity. Sam Houston and two other historic characters (actors in period dress) lead students on an adventure that follows the river’s history from ancient times up to the present. Along the way, they investigate how human activities have shaped the landscapes of the Trinity watershed—the area of land that drains into the river.

School districts in Grand Prairie and Forth Worth, Texas began incorporating the program into their classrooms this fall. In addition, thousands of students and teachers throughout that region will experience Waters to the SeaTM through the Trinity River Audubon Center.

An additional reason to celebrate was a November 4 event marking twenty years of CGEE's pioneering work in environmental education. Renowned arctic explorer Will Steger, who was integral in founding the center, served as keynote speaker on the topic, “Education, Environment, and the 21st Century.” 

Learn more about Waters to the Sea: Trinity RiverTMhere. For more information on CGEE, click here.