For the Media

Office of Communications

Hamline’s news team within the Office of Communications manages relationships with local and national media. If you are a reporter on deadline please contact our office to visit the campus or coordinate an interview.

Hamline University media contact:
651-523-2511 (office)
612-791-3546 (cell)

Hamline experts

Hamline’s College of Liberal Arts and Business School faculty lead their fields. They bring depth and breadth of knowledge to stories and analyses of news, current events and trends.

Areas of teaching and research include, but are not limited to: Accounting, anthropology, archeology, art, biology, business, business analytics, business ethics, chemistry, children, climate change, criminal justice, communications, data analysis, death, digital communications, disability issues, diversity, economics, education, K-12 education, ethics, Europe, film, family dynamics, family law, forensic science, gender, geography, government, gun control, health, human rights, language, law, legal studies, mathematics, marketing, media, medical ethics, music, nanotechnology, Native American culture, negotiation, philosophy, physics, police, politics, psychology, printmaking, pyramid schemes, qualitative research, quantitative research, recreation, religion, sculpture, sexuality, social justice, technology, theater, women, writing, and much more.

Contact Hamline's experts at or by calling 651-523-2511 or 612-791-3546.

Hamline university news release policy

Hamline University issues news releases expressly for the purpose of earning media around transformational accomplishments and national news making developments from our community. News team staff evaluate opportunities and advise on the appropriate channel for Hamline’s news.

Student hometown news releases

Hometown news releases announce various achievements such as when students make the dean's list and when students graduate. Hamline maintains a Merit page for this purpose.

Features and recognition for faculty, staff, alumni, and students

Faculty, staff, alumni, and students can work with the Office of Communications to publicize an accomplishment or event on the appropriate Hamline communications outlet.

  • Transformational accomplishment: Hamline is changing the world, and you’ll see our most significant accomplishments in the media, online in our Hamline News section and in Hamline Magazine.
  • Grants and research: Typically new research and grant awards will be recognized on social media, Inside Hamline or with a feature story on Hamline News.
  • Professional awards: Awards of national significance will be included in a profile on Hamline News or on social media. Other awards may be featured in Inside Hamline.
  • On-campus events: Events and happenings on campus will all be featured in Inside Hamline.
  • Faculty and staff activities not related to Hamline: The most effective way for us to share your news related to activities outside of Hamline is to share them on social media. Tweet at @HamlineU and we’ll bring the cheering section.

Questions? Contact us at