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May 28, 2020

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Collaborative Research on Philosophy in Ancient Egypt & Greece

Gabor-Zygowicz Research

Gary Gabor, professor of philosophy, and Kaina Zygowicz, philosophy and legal studies double major, are working together on a summer collaborative research project, “Introducing Philosophy in Late Ancient Egypt & Greece: Ammonius Hermiae and the Commentary on Porphyry’s Isagoge.” 

Professor Gabor is working on the textual history of Ammonius' Hermiae's lectures On the Commentary on the Isagoge, along with Boethius' Latin commentaries on the text.  Simultaneously, he is compiling a complete bibliography of the works of Ammonius Hermiae.  The bibliography will serve at a tool for the dissemination and promotion of research on Ammonius Hermiae's era of philosophical history.

Zygowicz is assisting Professor Gabor by researching Ammonius Hermiae's time period and other important philosophers of that era. This research was funded by a Ridgway Forum Fellowship, which she received in 2016.  In addition, Zygowicz  is studying the philosopher Plotinus and researching late Platonic influences on Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.  She also aids Professor Gabor with texts for his bibliography.

From June 15-19, 2016, Zygowicz attended the Fourteenth Annual Conference for the International Society for Neoplatonic Studies at Seattle University and was co-hosted with Gonzaga University.  At the conference she learned more about the time period and school of thought discussed in the collaborative project.

"At this conference I was able to experience the world of philosophical scholarship outside of the classroom and my own studies while learning about the time period and school of thought that I have been researching," says Zygowicz.

This collaboration also helped Zygowicz develop her upcoming departmental honors project, which will focus on how Platonic and Neoplatonic philosophy has influenced religious conceptions of souls.