Hamline News

A Message From President Miller

Over the last few years, every member of our community has been touched, indirectly or directly, by senseless acts of violence. We have watched with horror, disbelief, and anger as Asian-Americans were attacked in Atlanta. We have also seen worshippers in a synagogue or church killed, mosques bombed, black men and women killed in front of toddlers or with a knee to their neck, LGBTQ+ harassed, and democracy threatened. We have witnessed the devastation of COVID-19 with more than 500,000 people dead, many of whom are black, brown, or Indigenous.

The recent shootings of Asian-Americans in Atlanta and the many other acts of violence against the Asian-American communities across our nation are heartbreaking and unacceptable. This horrific event underscores the need for education to overcome prejudice and hatred. Our goal at Hamline is to educate all and live in a spirit of peace and collaboration.

We at Hamline University stand with the Asian-American community in condemning violence targeting their community. Hatred based on race, sexuality, religion and/or gender has no place at Hamline or in a civil society.

The Dean of Students office, Residential Life, the Hedgeman Center and its respective student-of-color organizations, our Office of Inclusive Excellence and the Wesley Center are all here to either offer direct support to students or point them to additional assistance if needed. These organizations are here to support every student, especially during times of crisis.

I stand with you at this difficult moment and recommit myself and this university to working toward the principles of equity, inclusion and justice we all hold so dear.


Fayneese Miller, PhD