• Professor Mazis

    Academic Assistance

    At Hamline you'll find a plethora of resources to help you navigate your way towards a successful academic career. As a part of our mission to create a diverse and collaborative community of learners, Hamline is always adapting in order to open doors for a wide variety of students. Take charge of your education and get the support you need.


    Professor Hudson advising

    Visit Academic Advising for advice that will empower you to make decisions about classes, majors, and navigating the Hamline Plan. You can make appointments with any of Hamline's skilled advisors whenever you have questions or concerns about your academic progress.

    Advising is a great tool for students who wish to succeed while at Hamline.

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    Student tutors

    Work with your peers on your coursework and prepare yourself for a successful semester. Tutors are your fellow classmates and students who are in high standing in their departments. Tutoring is available in Bush Library basement throughout the semester in a variety of disciplines.

    Tutors offer services by appointment or by drop-in.

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    Academic Skills

    Student studying

    Learn about managing study time, preparing for exams, note-taking, and other academic skills that will help you succeed at Hamline. Hamline is dedicated to providing you with the right tools to help you achieve great progress in your studies.

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    The Writing Center

    Writing consultation

    Collaborate and created your best work with the Writing Center's peer consultants. Make an appointment online with one of the Writing Center's student consultants for one-on-one conversations surrounding your writing. Writing consultants are equipped to help you with formatting, grammar, brainstorming, and advice on all areas of writing.

    The Writing Center's resources are available to all graduate and undergraduate students.

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    Disability Resources

    Students in class

    Disability Resources ensures equal access to the university and its programs for students with disabilities seeking academic or other accommodations. All students with mental, or physical obstacles in their path to higher learning are urged to contact Disability Resources to ensure that their needs are being met every day.

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