• United Methodist Scholarships and Loans for Undergraduate Students

    In 1854, Hamline University was founded by a group of visionary Methodist ministers and educators to provide education, leadership, and service. Hamline’s affiliation with the United Methodist Church provides our students with additional scholarship and loan opportunities for those who are active members in the United Methodist Church.

    Clergy Grant

    Hamline guarantees that at least 1/3 of the tuition for a clergy dependent will be covered by funds from Hamline University. Clergy grants are awarded to dependent children of United Methodist ministers who earns his/her living as an active minister.

    Hamline University’s United Methodist Matching Scholarship Program*

    Up to $1000 per year, renewable for three additional years.

    Hamline will match up to $1000 of a scholarship awarded to a student from their local United Methodist Church. The scholarship check should be mailed directly to the Hamline University Financial Aid Office and identify the student recipient.

    National United Methodist Church Scholarships and Loans*

    Please click on the UMC General Board of Higher Education and Ministry’s website to obtain updated information on national UMC scholarships and loan options available to active United Methodist Church members. www.gbhem.org or www.umhef.org.

    Beginning in 2006-2007 Hamline University will match the national United Methodist Higher Education Foundation Triple Your Dollars for Scholars Scholarship contribution up to $1000.

    * Only one contribution will be matched if a student has both a local United Methodist Church Scholarship and a National United Methodist Church Scholarship. 


    Half-time*: At least 6 credits per semester.

    Full-time: At least 12 credits per semester.

    State Grant: At least 15 credits per semester for full award.

    *Half-time status is a requirement for all federal and some alternative student loans.