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    Additional Licensure (AdLi) Advanced Practicum

    Pre-Practicum Checklist  

    Make sure you have everything in place to have a successful Advanced Practicum.
    Download the user friendly Pre-Practicum Checklist.   

    Advanced Practicum Profile and Due Dates

    You will submit a profile in preparation for your Advanced Practicum.
    For Fall Practicum, profiles are due June 1st.
    For Spring Practicum, profiles are due November 1st.
    Download the Advanced Practicum Profile Template

    Intent to Begin Form

    You will be given access to the 'Intent to Begin' form once you have submitted a profile.

    Advanced Practicum Secured Placement Form

    The 'Advanced Practicum Secured Placement Form' should be used if an AdLi student has secured a placement in their own room or school for their practicum.  When using the Advanced Practicum Secured Placement Form, you will need email addresses for your cooperating teacher, principal or HR District Rep.  They will each receive an email notification and link to verify your placement.   
    You will be given access to the Secured Placement Form once you have submitted a profile.

    Background Check Information

    Every teacher candidate must have a background check done for the school district they are placed in.  It is your responsibility to complete, pay for and submit all forms needed to the appropriate district personnel BEFORE you begin your placement.  If a background checks is not submitted to the school district before your first day of student teaching, it may result in a pulled placement.
    School District Background Check Information