• A Cappella Christmas Concert

    A Cappella Choir

    Pushing Musical Boundaries

    Conducted by George Chu

    Hamline's A Cappella Choir has toured nationally and internationally, and performed on recordings, radio, and television. They have premiered works of several renowned composers, and received acclaim for their dynamic interpretations of choral masterworks. The Choir tours abroad every four years and tours America every two years, and wherever the choir has gone they have received accolades from Critics around the world.

    “Rarely have I heard our finest choirs bring out the nuances of this difficult music so excellently.”
    - Newspaper Critic, England

    “Built on 100% musicality of each member of the choir, they are spontaneous, uncommonly emotional . . .We import from America many things, but rarely such an atmosphere as was brought to us by the students of Hamline.”
    - Newspaper Critic, Slovakia

    The A Cappella choir embraces a wide variety of students, which is reflected in their musical repertoire as the choir pulls music from a variety of language and cultural traditions. Often students will be encouraged to share what they are learning in their language and music classes with the choir in order to further the learning for all members of the choir. Their skills will be utilized in the learning of new music and the general development of each member as a musician.

    A Capella Choir Rehearsal 2 Bass Section

    Students hoping to join Hamline's A Cappella choir must go through an audition process which is hosted at the beginning of the Fall and Spring semesters.

  • Rehearsals

    Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 4:00:-5:40
    Giddens Learning Center

    Thursdays, 4:00-5:40
    Sundin Music Hall

  • About the Director

    George S. T. Chu is the fifth director of the Choir, following in the tradition established by John Kuypers (1932-1942) and Robert Holliday (1942-1971). He received his undergraduate degree at Yale, the Doctor of Music from Indiana University, and is the Founding Director of the Oratorio Society of Minnesota.