• PhD Program Details

    A PhD program for leaders of today and tomorrow

    Hamline’s PhD program is uniquely designed to meet the challenges facing today’s leaders. Solving today’s problems is no longer something that can be done in isolation. Instead, leaders across the community must come together to achieve the best results. That’s why Hamline’s program intentionally prepares you to work across all sectors.

    Degree Requirements

    Year one (12 credits)

    Fall: Cross-Sector Leadership (4 credits)
    Spring: Qualitative Research Methods (4 credits)
    Summer: elective course (4 credits)

    Year two (12 credits)

    Fall: Quantitative Research Methods (4 credits)
    Spring: Public Policy and Advocacy (4 credits)
    Summer: elective course (4 credits)

    Year three (12 credits)

    Fall: elective course 1 (4 credits); elective course 2 (4 credits)
    Spring: Critical Issues in Change Leadership (4 credits)

    Year four (8 credits)

    Fall: Dissertation I (4 credits); Comprehensive Exam
    Spring: Dissertation II (2 credits)
    Summer: Dissertation III (2 credits); Proposal Defense

    Year five (4 credits)

    Fall: Dissertation IV (2 credits)
    Spring: Dissertation V (2 credits); Final Defense

    Elective course subject areas

    • Public administration
    • Business
    • Nonprofit management


    As the culmination of the program, PhD candidates take a comprehensive qualifying exam and write a dissertation addressing a critical issue. Students have a choice of either a single research analysis and case study or three related publishable papers.