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The central landmark of Hamline's Saint Paul campus.

Old Main is listed in the National Register of Historical Places. Fire destroyed the original University Hall in 1883, but in 1884, the current University Hall was built and dedicated debt-free. At that time the building housed nearly the entirety of the university's functions, including classrooms, offices, and a dining hall.

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Today Old Main houses the President's Office, the Provost's Office, Human Resources, Marketing Communications, Development, and the Finance Office. A two-story historic auditorium, Bridgman Hall, is also located in the building.

Old Main's bell tower rings out each hour. The building's original bell is stored carefully and brought out each spring at Commencement, where it is rung in celebration of the graduates, a Hamline tradition since 1934.

Old Main also plays an important role in Hamline lore. Sneaking up to the fourth floor bell tower and signing one's name was a common prank for many years. Several ghost stories taking place in the building also circulate.