Office of the President

Dr. Kathleen Murray

Dr. Kathleen Murray, President of Hamline University

Welcome to Hamline University

Thank you for visiting our website and for your interest in Hamline University.

I am proud to serve this great institution as its Acting/Interim President. Over the coming days, weeks, and months, all of us—students, faculty, staff, and everyone in our community—will grow together, learn together, and advance Hamline University together as well.

As the ancient proverb says, we live in "interesting times". But to those on the front lines, life is more than just that. It’s about trying to find your place in the world in an increasingly challenging environment. It’s about navigating uncertain waters with storms all around us.

And most importantly, it’s about making a positive difference.

Hamline University has been a positive force for change since its founding in 1854. That will never change. We are Minnesota’s first university and we have a special connection to our state.

We are a liberal arts institution which takes the tenets of the liberal arts seriously. While we always place the well-being of the student at the top of our list of duties, we are also determined to work with our students so they learn about differing viewpoints and how their opinions impact others. At Hamline, we help build leaders, and a good leader understands that there is often more than one route to the correct answer.

In so doing, however, we build the self-worth of the individual and inculcate in every student that they matter through their ability to use, and grow, their voice while a student here.

We feel this leads to a well-rounded graduate, who knows what is expected in the post-collegiate world, and knows how to get the best out of themselves and others for the common good.

This is who we are. I am glad you have taken the time to visit this website and learn about us. We hope you can visit our campus, speak with our dedicated faculty and staff, and see our words in action.

If you are a potential new Piper, I hope you are considering Hamline University for your educational journey. I invite you to peruse the website, learn about our degree programs and experiential learning opportunities, and then come to visit us and tour our beautiful campus, meet our dedicated faculty and staff, and sit in on a class to interact with our students.


Kathleen M. Murray
Acting/Interim President