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Criminology and Criminal Justice (BA)

Understand the complex roots of crime. As you progress through the major you will examine crime through a theoretical lens, examine challenges in the criminal justice system, and learn about the various methods of collecting and analyzing criminal justice data. Hamline's program is one of the only criminology and criminal justice majors in the region and offers a wide array of courses from faculty and professionals in the field.

You can dive deeper into specific topics like victimization, juvenile delinquency, mental illness, courts and sentencing, policing, and forensic psychology. Your academic experience will culminate with an internship during your senior capstone to apply your academic studies in a professional setting.

Criminology and criminal justice major, minor, certificate, and concentrations

Criminology and criminal justice major

Choose from a wide variety of courses suited to your career interests and a complementary concentration area.

Criminology and criminal justice minor

Build an interdisciplinary toolkit with select criminology courses that will enhance your talents in another field.

Forensic psychology concentration

Hamline’s forensic psychology concentration examines motivations for criminal behavior and the use of psychology in the criminal justice and legal systems.

Peace officer standards and training concentration

This program provides a police officer's education focused on community well-being, equity, and justice.

Public policy concentration

Develop the knowledge and skills necessary to create innovative and socially responsible solutions to the most critical issues facing society.

Student research opportunities

At Hamline, students participate in research with faculty as early as their first year, something usually reserved for graduate students at other institutions. You'll design and conduct your own research project based on your individual interests and goals.

The list of possible research projects is as varied as our students. For example, picture yourself:

  • Collaborating with faculty to study the roots of mass shootings and designing programs to prevent school violence
  • Analyzing police and community engagement, and the efficacy of various community-based crime prevention programs
  • Designing and testing intimate partner violence screening tools for first responders and medical professionals to help identify people who need help
  • Writing a meta-analysis of pyramid schemes and multi-level marketing studies and proposing methods to prevent further victimization
  • Creating a curriculum for juvenile justice programming
  • Planning and organizing a conference on mental illness and the criminal justice system

During your research process, you’ll collaborate with professionals at major research institutions, publish your research in academic journals, and present your work at local, regional, and national conferences.

I walked into the bookstore and I could see myself here. When I realized Hamline had a great criminology and criminal justice program, too, that was it. It had a magic to it."


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Internships for criminology and criminal justice students

We make sure you leave Hamline with work experience in the criminology and criminal justice field on your resume. And the opportunities are boundless. Whether you want to explore a career in victim advocacy, criminal justice reform, statistical analysis, or more, we have internship opportunities for you.

Examples of past criminology student internships include:

  • Tubman, resource counseling advocate
  • Humanize My Hoodie housing intern
  • United States Postal Service, inspection service intern
  • Saint Paul Police Department, intern
  • St. Paul and Ramsey County domestic abuse intervention, legal advocate
  • AMICUS, re-entry service assistant
  • Hennepin County Department of Community Corrections, adult probation officer intern
  • Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, intern
  • Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, investigative intern
  • National Alliance on Mental Illness, intern
  • Sexual Offense Services of Ramsey County, intern
  • Women of Nations, criminal legal advocate
  • Restorative Justice Community Action, assistant case coordinator

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