Hamline Biology Mission, Values, and Vision

Hamline Biology Department supports biology and exercise science programs, as well as contributes to several interdisciplinary programs, including neuroscience, biochemistry, and public health sciences.

Hamline Biology Department mission

To foster a diverse, multidisciplinary, and collaborative community of students dedicated to the exploration of life science in all its complexity and to the development of knowledge, values, and skills for lifelong learning, leadership, scholarship, and service.

            Hamline Biology Department values

            We are committed to excellence in our teaching and research programs through providing students with opportunities to:

            • Be a part of a vibrant diverse community dedicated to equally supporting all students, regardless of their background and intended major
            • Engage in creative, innovative, student-centered learning experiences that emphasize collaboration and development of critical thinking skills
            • Collaborate with nationally-recognized scholars who are actively engaged in research studies in diverse fields, including human performance and health, molecular biology and biochemistry, ecology and evolution, human and plant genetics, pedagogy, and others
            • Discuss the role of science in everyday life and look for solutions to ethical dilemmas raised by current scientific developments

            Hamline Biology Department vision

            Hamline Biology Department will be nationally and locally recognized as a diverse collaborative multidisciplinary department that:

            • Prepares students for a variety of careers using student-centered, collaborative, inquiry-driven learning and teaching that emphasize development of critical thinking and computational and communication skills
            • Supports students through active mentorship on career paths that are best suited for each particular student
            • Engages students and faculty in innovative research, including big data and computational analysis
            • Fosters connections with alumni, local communities, and industry partners