Exercise Science professor Lisa Ferguson Stegall sitting amongst exercise equipment

Exercise Science (BA, BS)

Be on the cutting edge of improving human health and performance. With Hamline’s exercise science program, you’ll get the knowledge and practical experience to enter this growing field of human physical performance and rehabilitation science. You'll be prepared to pursue graduate studies in exercise physiology, cardiac rehabilitation, athletic training, sports science, or enter professional programs for physical therapy or occupational therapy. You’ll also be well prepared to enter the job market to work in the fitness and wellness industries. Whatever your career goals, your major can be customized to prepare you for success.

Exercise science major and pre-health track

Exercise science major (BS)

Explore the exercise science major designed for students who plan to go on to graduate studies in the sciences.

Exercise science major (BA)

Learn more about the major in exercise science for careers that do not necessarily require a graduate degree.

Pre-health professional track

Interested in a career that requires postgraduate programs like medical school? We have the preparation you need.

Student research opportunities

At Hamline, students starting as early as their first year participate in research with faculty, something normally reserved for graduate students at other institutions. You get to design and conduct your own research project.

The list of possible research projects is as varied as your interests. For example, picture yourself:

  • Investigating how a beetroot supplement affects exercise efficiency and blood pressure in trained athletes
  • Exploring the levels of awareness about high blood pressure among college students 
  • Researching the effects of a seven-week yoga program on measures of functional mobility and perceived stress and fatigue levels in older adults
  • Investigating the effects of carbohydrate and protein beverages on exercise performance in elite cyclists
  • Study levels of awareness about the beneficial effects of exercise on the immune system among older adults

And during your research process, you’ll collaborate with scientists at major research institutions, publish your research in scientific journals, and present your work at local, regional, and national conferences. 

Getting involved with the exercise science program was the greatest thing that happened to me at Hamline. Being able to work collaboratively with professors in captivating classes, as well as through Hamline's amazing research programs, allowed me to become an experienced scientist."

Exercise Science research study coordinator Owen Sloop in a white coat

Internships for exercise science students

We make sure you leave Hamline with work experience in the field of exercise science on your resume. And the opportunities are boundless. Whether you want to explore a career in research, physical therapy, athletic training, or other fields, we have internship opportunities for you.

Examples of past exercise science student internships include:

  • Special Olympics Minnesota, special projects coordinator and coaching intern
  • ACR Homes, personal care assistant
  • Hamline University Athletic Training, sports medicine assistant
  • Minnesota Icemen Baseball Club, strength and conditioning intern

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