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Biology major

Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor's degrees in biology

You’ll dive into a wide range of topics from genetics to sustainability with Hamline's biology department. With personalized attention from our faculty, and extensive research and internship opportunities, you’ll graduate with the tools and skills you need for a meaningful career. Hamline’s biology programs will prepare you for the field that ignites your passion, from medicine and conservation biology to biotechnology and clinical research in the pursuit of cures for disease. 

Student research opportunities

At Hamline, students participate in research with faculty starting as early as their first year, something usually reserved for graduate students at other institutions.

The list of possible research projects is as varied as your interests. For example, picture yourself:

  • Investigating the impact of mutations on protein function and structure
  • Searching for potential anti-cancer drugs in microbial flora
  • Employing bioinformatics and data mining to study microbiomes and protein families
  • Searching for antibiotic-producing microbes in diverse environments
  • Investigating the microbial degradation of pharmaceuticals 
  • Developing policies on management of natural resources

During your research process, you'll collaborate with students from institutions around the country, publish your research in academic journals, and present your work at regional and national conferences.

Learn more about undergraduate research at Hamline

Biology summer research program guidelines and application (Google Site)

I found my community in the Hamline biology department. With my professors' mentorship, mock grad school interviews, and hands-on lab work, I gained the skills I need for a career in epidemiology. Now I'm using those tools in graduate school.

Emily Danzl ‘21, biology/biological sciences; surveillance epidemiologist at Georgia Emerging Infections Program

Paid internships for biology majors

We make sure you leave Hamline with work experience in the field of biology on your resume. And the opportunities are boundless: Whether you want to explore a career in veterinary medicine, environmental science, biotechnology, medicine, or other fields, we have paid internship opportunities for you. Examples of past biology student internships include:

  • American Red Cross, biomedical communications intern
  • Alternatives for People with Autism, living skills Instructor
  • MN Department of Health, intern
  • Medtox Laboratories, toxicology lab assistant
  • OneOme, clinical laboratory intern
  • University of Minnesota, Mouse Behavior Core Assistantship
  • Blue Cross Animal Hospital, veterinary assistant
  • Como Park Zoo and Conservatory, animal support intern
  • Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota, intern
  • Twin Cities Orthopedics, physical therapy tech
  • Xoua Thao Medical Center, medical intern
  • Regions Hospital, surgical assistant
  • Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, forensic science service intern
  • Walgreens, pharmacy technician
Sila Yurttas_Student Athlete

Hamline provides all of this hands-on experience in labs. All these entry-level jobs and internships want actual experience, and Hamline provides us with that necessary lab experience and experience using professional equipment from the start.

Sila Yurttas '25, biology; of Shoreview, MN

Explore career paths

Our innovative courses and one-on-one mentoring by faculty will give you the tools to succeed in a variety of jobs, such as:

  • High school biology teacher
  • Pharmacist
  • Journalist, science communication
  • Interpretive naturalist
  • Genetic counselor
  • Scientist and product developer (in biotechnology or genomics company)
  • Forensic scientist
  • Pediatrician or other medical doctor

And you can explore careers in many different fields, such as: 

  • Veterinary medicine
  • Health care
  • Natural resources management
  • Agricultural biotechnology
  • Medical research
  • Intellectual property law
  • Personalized genomics
  • Biomedical and pharmaceutical sales

Take your studies further with graduate school

Our graduates have gone on to medical and graduate schools across the country in the pursuit of master’s degrees, PhD’s, and MDs. Examples of programs and schools include:

  • Rollin's School of Public Health, Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia
  • Schools of Pharmacy, Dentistry and Medicine, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities Campus
  • Synthetic and Physical Biology program, Rice University, Houston, Texas
  • Physician Assistant Program, College of Medicine and Science, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota 
  • BioTech & Microbial Engineering program, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities Campus
Kathy Burleson
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