Hamline News

HSE Professor Maggie Struck and CLA Professor Mike Reynolds Co-presented at Conference

The School of Education's Maggie Struck and the CLA's Mike Reynolds presented on the development of Hamline University's distinctive partnership with Hamline Elementary at the Annual International Association of Lab Schools conference on July 8, 2021.

Professor Struck, who leads the University's collaboration, shared insights and an understanding of the challenges in developing the partnership. She presented our innovative teacher-led, inquiry-based professional development framework and the impact it has had on student engagement and teachers’ pedagogical practices.

Professor Reynolds highlighted how pairings with the Elementary school are also helping reshape innovations in undergraduate teaching and curriculum, talking through initiatives created by HU faculty and students from multiple departments along with HE teachers and students, focused on real-life community issues. Both also helped unpack the challenges of cross-institutional, cross-system, sustainable program development -- in the context of a pandemic and consequent social and economic disruptions.