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Leading the way

Hamline continues tradition of leadership with an eye to the future 

Hamline University has a long history of cultivating leaders who have the courage and tenacity to make the world better for everyone.

Since our first graduates, Elizabeth and Emily Sorin, went on to become teachers, Hamline has set the standard for forward-thinking, student-centered education. This fall, we’re proud to launch ED2050, a new School of Education curriculum shaped by key trends in the field of education.

As classrooms become increasingly diverse and technology provides opportunities for more personalized learning, we’re preparing our education students to lead the way in their field.

We’re excited to embark on a deeper collaboration with our long-standing partner Hamline Elementary, which is transforming into a lab school. This new model of education will enable aspiring teachers to connect theory to practice through meaningful clinical experience.

I encourage you to read more about these and other School of Education initiatives on page 12.

Since 1854, countless individuals have invested in Hamline because they believed in our mission to be a dynamic, diverse, and inclusive university deeply rooted in the Wesleyan maxim to “do all the good you can.” That investment is paying off.

On page 22, we highlight successful alumni at different stages in their careers who share their experience, wisdom, and advice for leading with integrity. Also read about Yi Gang ’82, who was recently appointed head of the People’s Bank of China (page 5).

At Hamline, we continue to prepare students to be the leaders of tomorrow. From an innovative finance class that allows students to make real-life investing decisions (page 20) to FYSem classes that give first-year students the foundation for a successful college career (page 8), Hamline provides the kind of education that makes a difference.

Now is the time for you to commit to investing your time, talent, or treasure to continue this important work.

Fayneese Miller
President, Hamline University