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Hoffman Interviewed on KSTP


Anthropology Department Professor Brian Hoffman, who recently returned from conducting research in the Aleutian Islands, was featured on KSTP-TV to discuss a discovery at a Hastings, Minnesota construction site.

On August 6, human remains were found in the construction site for a future pharmacy. Hoffman and Professor Susan Myster were both called to the site to determine more about the remains. So far, they have discovered that the body was a white, middle-aged female who died during the Civil War era.

“We know this was a person that was buried maybe in a family plot of a farm or something like that. We did look around, and we didn’t find any evidence of other burials,” Hoffman said in his interview with KSTP.

Hoffman and Myster are providing further results of their findings to the State of Minnesota's Archaeology Office. Click here to view the news report.