Hamline News

Congratulations to our newest MFAC scholarship winners

Meg Cannistra won the TA Barron scholarship (Annual award given for an outstanding work of fantasy that explores moral questions and/or deeper ideas about the human condition -- $1000)

The judges said:

"A wonderful group of submissions showed us the depth of talent in fantasy and speculative fiction writing in this program--all works showed great imagination and an essential understanding of the power of fantasy to communicate ideas and advocate for social justice. One book stood out for its exquisite writing, sly humor, and sheer fearlessness--as well as impassioned underlying social consciousness. "The Goblin Men" tells the story of Morgan and Agatha, one loyal and compassionate, one fierce and murderously pragmatic, who both make shocking choices in a world in which women are not only oppressed but in constant danger.

Kate Heberlein won the Jane Resh Thomas scholarship (Annual scholarship to honor the value and role of critical thinking and writing in the education of students wishing to write literature for children and young adults -- $1000)

The judges said:

Congratulations to all of the writers whose works were nominated for the critical essay prize. The winning essay combined personal anecdote, literary theory, and science to examine the creative process in 54 pages of scholarship. The judges found "A Process Bigger than Ourselves" to be an inspiring and instructive treatise on the writer's process. Kate Heberlein  made sense of a large body of scientific data and presented it in elegant prose that enables writers to understand how their own brains work.

Great work!