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Make progress toward your degree this summer


Big plans for the summer? Hamline and non-Hamline college students can get ahead on their degree programs by taking a class or two at Hamline.

Hamline's College of Liberal Arts will offer a wide spectrum of courses, many of which are new or unique such as: "Introduction to Field Methods in Archaeology," "Special Topics:  World Art," "Statistics for the Behavioral Science," "Argumentation and Advocacy," "Business Law," "Civic Litigation and Trial Practice," "Social Entrepreneurship," and "Words and Money: The Ethics of Professional Communication."

For some students, it's a time to dig in and really focus on a single class-similar to January term. Others want to make sure they stay on track to graduate on time or early, and some are Hamline students interested in finishing out elements of required courses. The cost per credit hour in the summer for undergraduate classes is about half the regular cost.

On average, 600-700 undergraduate and graduate students each year-from Hamline as well as other institutions-take at least one summer class at Hamline. Those who regularly take summer courses, in addition to a normal course load during the school year, often have the ability to graduate a semester early, which amounts to significant savings on tuition costs. Some online and hybrid classes (partially on campus and partially online) can also offer additional savings.

Graduate programs at Hamline also provide a variety of summer options. This year, subjects include creative nonfiction, fiction and poetry writing workshops offered by The Creative Writing Programs at Hamline, "Social Responsibility and Sustainability" and "Strategic Financial Analysis" (among others) offered by the School of Business, and several certificate and master's level courses in education, such as "The Summer Literacy Institute" and classes such as "Smart Moves:  Using Brain Gym in Your Classroom" and "Transforming School Culture through Character Education" will be offered by the School of Education.

For more information about Hamline's class offerings for undergraduate and graduate students, visit the Summer Term website or see the list of courses by degree in Piperline.