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The Hedgeman Center for Student Diversity Initiatives and Programs replaces existing MISA office, with expanded services and programs.

You may know it as the MISA Office, but as it expands its services and initiatives, the office is also moving forward with a new name.

The Hedgeman Center for Student Diversity Initiatives and Programs has replaced the former Center for Multicultural and International Student Affairs (MISA) office.

Named after Hamline's first graduate of color, Anna Arnold Hedgeman, from the Hamline University class of 1922, The Hedgeman Center’s vision is to help build an inclusive environment that appreciates, celebrates, and advances student and campus diversity at Hamline University.

"Since being introduced to Ms. Hedgeman's life and contributions to Hamline and our country, I have been in awe of her.  The opportunity to continue Hedgeman's legacy at Hamline by renaming the MISA Office after her is an amazing opportunity, honor and testament to her place in our community,” said Assistant Dean for Diversity and Community Carlos Sneed. “Like Hedgeman herself, the office that now bears her name is deeply and passionately committed to issues of diversity, inclusion, advocacy, justice, and positive social change."

In particular, The Hedgeman Center provides services, resources, and initiatives that assist students with successful transitions, meaningful experiences and graduation from the University. It offers personal, social, and cultural support to students and encourage academic success. It also creates opportunities for students to embrace, celebrate and learn about diverse ethnic, racial, cultural, and social identities.

International student services, previously overseen by MISA, will now be fully supported by the Office of International and Off-Campus Programs, which is well-equipped to help address the unique and varied needs of international students.

The Hedgeman Center staff members:

* Carlos D. Sneed, assistant dean of diversity and community/director
* Bao Lee Thao, associate director of multicultural student programs
* Shawyn Lee, assistant director for gender and sexual orientation initiatives
* Keisha Blackman, Administrative Assistant. 

The Hedgeman Center continues to report to Poonam Arora, associate vice president for diversity integration.  More information on The Hedgeman Center.