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    Study Away

    Extend your Hamline education beyond Saint Paul, Minnesota! Each year, Pipers just like you become compassionate citizens of the world through the study away experience. Maximize your intellectual, creative, and leadership potential by immersing yourself in a new and different land, culture, and people.

    This is no cookie-cutter program; Hamline believes strongly in the importance of individual program design. There are multiple Hamline-sponsored programs and partnerships worldwide, so you’ll find opportunities to work on topics that are at the forefront of your field of research or future professional interest, whatever that may be. Our most popular destinations include the United Kingdom, Chile, Germany, Spain, Thailand, China, and the Netherlands, but that is only a sampling--our students really do pursue their studies all over the world.

    Choose from one or more of the following options for your study away experience:

    • Semester/Year Long: Spend four to nine months immersed in another culture! This option is an excellent choice for your junior year, though you may be eligible as soon as the second semester of sophomore year.
      Destinations include: England, Germany, Chile, Japan, China, and Spain 
    • J-Term/May Term: If you prefer to limit your experience to a four-week period, this option is for you. A variety of these four-credit courses are designed by Hamline professors to help you complete your Hamline Plan requirements. The best part? You may participate in one of these experiences as soon as your first-year!
      Destinations include: Australia, Galapagos Islands, Jamaica, Greece, Spain, and Peru 
    • Summer: This option is ideal for student-athletes, RAs, and other students who are looking for a longer experience abroad but cannot get away for a full semester. You can choose your own country and study topic, and can earn anywhere from four to 12 credits.
       Destinations include: Greece, England, Ireland, Scotland, Spain, Norway, and Korea

    There are a variety of study away programs available to meet the needs of Hamline's diverse student population, and you may participate in one or more study away program. Whatever your study away goal may be, Hamline can help you achieve it. 

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