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    Scholarships are out there. Many students give up before even looking or get discouraged because they haven’t been successful in getting scholarships for normal school costs.

    Study away or study abroad scholarships are a bit different. The population for the scholarships are much lower than a normal scholarship search–only one-in-ten U.S. undergraduates go abroad.

    Scholarship types for study away


    GPA and extra-curricular based

    Financial Need

    Based off FAFSA or other factors


    Student identity: race, major, gender, 1st generation, and more


    Some countries have special awards based on region

    The GEC and other Hamline resources are here to assist with finding and applying for scholarships.

    Hamline departmental scholarships

    No additional application needed for these scholarships. With your completed Hamline Study Away application, you will be automatically in the running for the scholarships you are eligible for.

    You can also contact the Financial Aid Office for more details.  

    Holt Endowed Fellowship

    Contact the Business School for more details.

    Modern Languages

    Modern language major or minor students

    Betty Ruth Osborn Irish Scholarship

    Latin American location, financial need

    George Vane International Scholarships

    All Hamline students

    Frank A Dubinskas Scholarships

    CLA Students

    National scholarships

  • Benjamin A. Gilman International scholarship

    • Financial need based (federal PELL Grant)

    • Diversity


    • Fall/Summer: March

    • Spring/Early Summer: October

  • Boren Awards

    • Merit based

    • Language study focus (critical: need language) and interest in government/public service

    Deadline: February

  • Make sure to also join the GEC in our semester workshops on writing and finding scholarships

    Other scholarship and funding areas:

    Program Provider Scholarships
    If you are going on a program with one of Hamline’s many program providers, make sure to check their websites for their deadlines and applications.

    International Groups/Organizations
    There are groups across the world that share the mission to exchange more students. Check out their website resources to find their scholarship details as well as scholarship search engines (note: you may have to do a bit of filtering).

    Foreign Government/Organizations:
    Some countries also provide students with scholarships to study and do research abroad.

    Creative Funding Ideas

    • Crowdfunding: 
      • Go Fund Me or Fund My Travel are popular Crowdfunding sites.
      • Always make sure to read the fine print before starting a campaign.
      • These can take time and effort–not just easy money.
      • Check out more tips from UC San Diego and NAFSA.  
    • Birthday Gifts/Holiday Money
      • Ask family and friends to sponsor your passport or other things you will be doing away instead of gifts throughout the year.
      • Small amounts can add up quickly! 
    • One less _____ a week
      • Create a budget for at Hamline and try to give up something and save that money instead. 
    • Old School Garage/Bake Sales 
      • Clean out your closet and sell some of those unnecessary items. Spark a little ‘joy’ in your life by using that money to travel on your program.