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    Financial Aid and Costs

  • Financial Aid Types

    Make sure to connect with the GEC or Financial Aid Office for more details, but the following is a good overview of financial aid types for study away:

    Follows student away as long as there is eligibility for the student and enrollment requirements are met. Exception: Federal and State Work study ineligible.

    Hamline scholarship/aid
    Exchanges allow the full use of Hamline Scholarships and aid. IES and HECUA programs have special terms, but otherwise program providers are not eligible to Hamline Aid use.

    Private loans
    Talk with the Financial Aid Office for a list of approved educational loan options. Please note there is a minimum processing time of 10 days to certify the loan.

    Other scholarships
    In addition, there are many other scholarship funds for study away students (fewer for domestic programs). Some Hamline departments also have scholarships.

     Special funds 
    Educational 529, savings accounts, VA benefits like the GI Bill® also can apply.

    Program Costs

    Be sure to understand the costs of your program before committing to it. You can use the GEC’s budget sheet and meet with the GEC staff to confirm the costs.

    Hamline & ISEP exchanges (unless noted) are Hamline tuition and fees, single room, and meal plan. 

    Special rates may also apply (cost of tuition only).  

    Program provider-semester 
    Flat rate based on Hamline tuition

    HECUA - Listed Prices

    Program provider-short term 
    Summer and J-term costs are as listed on program’s site.

    Faculty led 
    Summer and J-term costs are as listed on program’s site.

    Direct enrolls 
    Flat rate based on Hamline tuition.