• In an Emergency

    Things can happen anywhere- being away can add to the situation, so remember this chain of communication if an emergency happens:

     Emergency Dashboard

    Have important program contact numbers with you at all times!

    GEC’s Emergency Line: 612-272-6306.       You will be connected with the GEC on call personnel.

    “I’m a Hamline student studying away and I need assistance with . . .” 

    Make sure to provide as much information to support staff in the event of an emergency.

    Things like:

    • your name
    • return contact information
    • country & program of study
    • student(s) names
    • date & time of occurrence/condition
    • description of occurrence/condition
    • action taken thus far
    • action requested of Officer (if appropriate)

    Other resources while abroad:

    US Embassy
    Hamline Counseling and Health Services