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    Hamline Applications:

    Once you have found the program, start the application by clicking the “Apply Now” button on Hamline’s program search page.

    If the button doesn’t appear, your program application cycle may not be open just yet. Make sure you haven’t missed any of the important deadlines for programs by looking at the chart below.

    Please note that some of Hamline’s application deadlines are due almost a year in advance of your semester away. This is to allow for proper planning for your experience.


    Program Deadline

    Academic Year

    November 15

    Fall Semester

    November 15

    Hamline J Term & May/Summer

    Priority  May 15/ Extended October 1

    Program Provider J Term & May/Summer

    February 15

    Spring Semester

    March 15

    Hamline will review all applications several weeks after the deadlines. Approval from Hamline is necessary for credits to return to Hamline.

    Other applications:

    Unless you are doing a Hamline Faculty Led program you will need two applications.

    Once accepted by Hamline, you will get a link to apply at your Program Provider or Exchange Institution’s online portal. There will be different deadlines for these applications as well!