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    COVID-19 & Study Away:

    The Global Engagement Center (GEC) strives to ensure the safety of our Hamline students and community. During the global pandemic, we have taken many measures to continue our due diligence in adapting to the new circumstances for study away programming.

    We have adopted and continue to practice a holistic approach to preventing/reducing students, staff, and faculty exposure to COVID-19.

    As with many activities, study away comes with some uncertainties. With the pandemic, issues such as the opening of borders and consulates, quarantine requirements, and visa processing times become more complex.

    By the same token, as travel advisories and country-specific circumstances continue to be in flux due to the global pandemic, programs may be canceled at any time. Depending on the nature of the study away program, cancellations may be generated by program providers, Hamline’s partner institutions overseas, or the GEC itself. It is important to take note of this possibility. Such decisions are not taken lightly and will be taken after much deliberation. Safeguarding students’ well being and safety are the ultimate priority of the GEC, with such cancellation decisions, as all else.

    The GEC continues to work with students and our exchange and program providers to ensure the safest and most effective process as possible.

    For those ultimately deciding to participate in a study away program, the GEC has provided additional information for students in the Health and Safety section.

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