• Study Away- It's not just Study Abroad anymore!

     “I wish I had studied abroad/away.”

    Don’t let your academic career go by with regrets!


    Take the lead and adventure out on one of the many options from Hamline University’s Global Engagement Center. Expand your worldview and your resume at the same time while fulfilling graduation requirements like major classes or electives.

    Study away from Hamline for a semester, a year, a summer, or during a J-Term and embrace the opportunity to challenge your beliefs and values, help embrace different viewpoints, and encourage some self-discovery with your own culture and perspectives.

    Learn a new language, make new friends, gain new angles for career development while on an international or domestic program- That’s why we call it Study Away! You don’t even have to leave the country on some programs!

    Did we mention it looks great on a resume? You will return with new skill sets and problem-solving abilities that can help you have the edge on your academic peers. Studies have shown that being among this exclusive group of only 4% of US undergraduates does impact your employability and salary (IES study).

    Drop by the Global Engagement Center (GEC) to meet with a GEC specialist or sign up for an individual advising session to begin planning finances, academics, and more!





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