• Graduate School of Business students

    Graduate Registration Instructions

    Use the following instructions to register for all graduate courses that do not require special permissions.

    1. Find course numbers for the courses you want by searching the Piperline Course Listing
    2. Using your Hamline ID and Piperline PIN, login to the secure area in Piperline
    3. Select Student Services from the welcome page menu
    4. Select Registration from the Student Services menu
    5. Select Register/Add/Drop Classes from the Registration menu
    6. Choose the appropriate term and click Submit
    7. Enter the CRNs for each of your courses click Submit

    You can verify your registration by clicking on Student Detail Schedule.

    MBA students: If you would like to register for an MBA core class, please email hsbgradadvisor@hamline.edu. Use the instructions above for elective registration.

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