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    Spirituality Programs & Events

    Religious and Spiritual Advising

    For students seeking a more personal connection to talk about religious questions, find support for new understandings, and explore their Hamline experience from spiritual perspectives. Religious and Spiritual Life staff seeks to support all students, while bringing particular experience from Jewish, Christian and Islamic traditions.

    Chaplain Nancy Victorin-Vangerud | nvictorinvangerud01@hamline.edu
    Nur Mood | nmood01@hamline.edu
    Rabbi Esther Adler | adler.esther@gmail.com

    Mahle Lecture in Progressive Christian Thought

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    Each year a progressive religious scholar is invited to campus for several days of speaking and teaching in our community, so that we have the chance to interact with the scholar in a personal way. 

    Spirituality Scholars

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    This weekly stipended program brings an interfaith group of students together over the course of nine months to explore their spiritual journeys in connection with their identities and hopes for the future. 

    Gospel Choir

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    Gathers with the dynamic director, Sherri Orr, to immerse singers in gospel tradition and perform at various Hamline events. Gospel Choir meets on Tuesdays from 7:00 - 8:30pm in the Bush Center Chapel. 

    Contact: Chaplain Nancy Victorin-Vangerud | nvictorinvagerud01@hamline.edu

    Multifaith Baccalaureate Service

    The Hamline University Multifaith Baccalaureate serves to celebrate our Hamline graduates through diverse religious expression. We express gratitude for being a spiritually diverse student body. This annual event is for Hamline graduates and their friends and family as well as fellow students who want to honor the graduating seniors. The service takes place on Commencement Weekend.

    Contact: Nur Mood | nmood01@hamline.edu  

    Jewish Student Life

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    Fosters growth that is spiritual, social, and academic, by providing community networking (we help you find what might be out there), and outreach programming (we bring you and that network together). 

    Contact: hujsa@hamline.edu

    Catalyst Alternative Spring Break Trips

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    Each year, one or more of the Catalyst Alternative Spring Break trips has a religious or spiritual focus. Catalyst uses direct service to investigate questions of social justice and community. These trips are designed to provide students with an opportunity to participate in community service projects over spring break. 

    HU Mindfulness Meditation (HUMM)

    This group is open to all individuals with any level of experience or interest in Buddhist mindfulness and/or meditation at Hamline University. Guided meditation is led by ordained Zen Buddhist teacher and adjunct professor Marc Anderson. We meet for weekly meditation and discussion on Wednesdays at 7:00 p.m. in the Wellspring room on the third floor of Anderson Center.

    Contact: mindfulnessmeditation@hamline.edu

    Multifaith Alliance

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    A group of un-like minded people asking the big questions. What is at the root of religion? How can we enhance community by learning about religions and faiths? A safe space to discuss, listen, and learn. Everyone is welcome! This is a positive environment for all religious traditions or those with none. Meetings take place every Monday at 5:30 pm in the Bush Center Multifaith Chapel during the academic year. 

    Contact: multifaith@hamline.edu

    Muslim Student Association

    The Muslim Student Association (MSA) sponsors several annual events including Islamic Awareness Week. MSA meets weekly on Fridays at 12:30 p.m. in the Wellspring. 

    Contact: msa@hamline.edu

    Values in Action

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    An opportunity-based program of service work for students who identify as secular or non-theistic (Atheist, Humanist, Agnostic, Unitarian Universalist or anyone).

    Contact: Sofia White | swhite09@hamline.edu