Hamline Votes

Hamline students vote! Let’s keep it up, Pipers!

Hamline students have always turned out to vote, showing their commitment to the democratic process at award-winning levels. Let’s keep our momentum going, Pipers!

Voting resources

If you are not a Minnesota resident and don't plan to vote in Minnesota, learn more about your home state's absentee ballot process.

Hamline’s award-winning student voting campaigns

ALL In Badges

ALL IN Most Engaged Campus for College Student Voting Recognition

The ALL IN Most Engaged Campus for College Student Voting recognition was given to 394 colleges and universities. Hamline was recognized for the intentional work it did in 2022 to institutionalize nonpartisan democratic engagement to increase student voter turnout.

Hamline has received several awards with the ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge, which empowers colleges and universities to achieve excellence in nonpartisan student democratic engagement.

Highly Established Action Plan Award 2022

This ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge’s seal of recognition is awarded to “higher education institutions with strong action plans to increase nonpartisan democratic engagement by promoting civic learning, political engagement, and college student voter participation.”

Learn more about our Hamline Votes election campaigns »

Read Hamline’s Action Plan

2021 Standout College President Award

President Faynesse Miller was awarded the Standout College President Award for her leadership and support of Hamline Votes.

Watch President Miller receive the award >

2020 Platinum Seal

Hamline students voted at a rate of 82.1% in the general election, resulting in the highest award, the ALL IN Platinum Seal for student participation.

2018 Best in Class Award, Private, Four-Year Institutions

Hamline students turned out and voted, resulting in Hamline winning the ALL IN Best in Class Award for overall highest voting rate and the highest undergraduate voting rate at a private, 4-year institution.

2016 Silver Seal

Hamline students started their award-winning participation in 2016 winning the ALL IN Silver Seal with 69% of students voting in midterm elections.



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