• Imagine No Malaria

    The Wesley Center has joined with Imagine No Malaria, a national network of United Methodist churches and colleges who have set the ambitious goal of eliminating malaria in Africa by 2015. The initiative can only be achieved by educating others about the devastating effects of Malaria and that it is preventable, treatable and beatable. The Hamline community can help the United Methodist Church accomplish this goal by raising awareness, education and money for those in malaria stricken locations. 

    At Hamline, we are also focused on educating students about malaria as a global health issue and how it affects other diseases and social justice issues in Africa and beyond.

  • How Hamline Imagines No Malaria

    John Wesley, founder of Methodism, once charged his followers to "Do all the Good you can..."  In this spirit, Hamline University strives to use our United Methodist roots for the betterment of others and the enrichment of our students. 

    Hamline is the first university to partner with Imagine No Malaria.  By reaching out to students and the community, we can make a difference.  This is our second year of partnership with Imagine No Malaria. 

    To learn about how Hamline students made a difference in the 2010-11 academic year, check out our Wesley Center newsletter, Walking the Labyrinth.

    Past Events and Programs

    World Malaria Day/ Movie Night
    An all-day event is being planned for April 25th, World Malaria Day! During the day, students will table at various locations around campus helping spread awareness, fund-raising and handing out "free movie tickets" for an event later in the evening. At night, those students will watch a series of short films, public service announcements and documentaries about malaria. The event will take place outside under mosquito nets and will be open to the entire campus.

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    Documentary Viewing and Discussion with Hamline Church, United Methodist
    Student leaders working in collaboration with Imagine No Malaria will help lead a series of events at Hamline Church, United Methodist. These events will include activities during the worship service, documentary viewing later in the afternoon, and a formal discussion to help spread awareness and raise funds for Imagine No Malaria.

    McVay Youth Partnership Malaria Education
    Over the course of 4 weeks, Imagine No Malaria student leaders collaborated with the McVay Youth Partnership to teach approximately 100 youth about malaria in Africa.  The McVay Youth Partnership, a key part of the Welsey Center, is an after-school program where select Hamline students serve as mentors and role models working with inner-city, middle school youth.  Program sites include Arlington Hills United Methodist Church, Emma's Place, Liberty Plaza Resource Center and Wheelock Parkway United Methodist Church.

    In addition to a presentation by the student leaders, they were also shown a documentary on malaria and asked to make pipecleaner mosquitoes to be used in their churches' display.  Though the children were never asked to donate, one little girl was so moved by what she heard that the next time the McVay Youth program visited she presented them with $1 and asked the Hamline staff to pass it on to Imagine No Malaria.  Given that her family consists of 9 people and is well below the poverty line, that donation of a single dollar is probably a higher percentage of a family's income than any other gift we've received. 

    Imagine No Malaria Festival

    The Imagine No Malaria festival took place on November 17, 2011 and was a night of fun, education, and action, all aimed at ending malaria!  There was food, games, and prizes, as well as presentations from special guest speaker's like Leia Williams, Field Coordinator for Imagine No Malaria.  Hamline students raised over $300 to fight malaria! 

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    and see photos from the event!

    "We Love Vinyl" Charity Auction
    See how four Hamline art majors and alumni re-imagined Malaria through the new pop art sensation, Urban Vinyl.  The art pieces were put on display at designer toy store Tomodachi and auctioned off for Imagine No Malaria on October 2nd, raising well over $100! 

    Click here to read the full story and see the artwork!

    City Serve
    As part of Hamline University's City Serve, over 40 First Year Students joined forces with Hamline Church, United Methodist and Imagine No Malaria to learn about this devastating disease and make mosquitoes and nets that will help educate their community. 

    Click here to read the full story and watch the video!

    Make A Difference

    If you are interested in getting involved with Hamline's Imagine No Malaria Campaign, or have some ideas about how to raise money and awareness, contact Daniel Campbell at 651-523-2878 or by email at dcampbell04@hamline.edu

    To learn more about the national campaign, visit Imagine No Malaria.