• Meditation

    Sacred Places for Prayer and Meditation

    The Gathering Place

    The Gathering Place is located in Sorin Hall.  It is open all week to all students, faculty, and staff that wish to use it.  

    Hours are: 7AM–10PM, contact Public Safety if found locked.

    Services provided through the Gathering Place include:

    • A spacious and windowed back room where you can pray, meditate, study, or just relax;

    • Muslim prayer rugs, feet washing stations, and meditation zafus

    • A mid-sized meeting space that can be reserved through Events Management

    • Area to host events: re-arrangeable chairs and tables available. 

    Contact: Chaplain Kelly Figueroa-Ray | kfigueroaray01@hamline.edu

    The Wellspring

    The Wellspring is located on the third floor of the Anderson Center.  It is open all week to anyone that wishes to use it.  It may be reserved for meditation or other programming.  The Wellspring is intentionally interfaith. 

    Hours are: 7AM–10PM, contact Public Safety if found locked.