• Calendar of Holy Days and Events

    The Holy Days Calendar provides students with a comprehensive list of holy days that are celebrated in our local communities. With questions, please contact Chaplain Kelly Figueroa-Ray, kfigueroaray01@hamline.edu or Nur Mood nmood01@hamline.edu if you would like more information about an event or if you would like to add an event to the calendar.

     Holy Days 2021-2022

    Student Attendance Policies and Religious Holiday Observance

    Attendance policies at Hamline University are established by each of the five respective academic units: the College of Liberal Arts, the School of Education, the School of Business, and the School of Law. However, Hamline University acknowledges that students follow many different religious faiths and practices, which occasionally require that students need to miss classes for holidays on dates when the university remains open.

    The university makes every reasonable effort to allow students to observe religious holidays without academic penalty while recognizing that accommodations should not create an undue interference with the student’s participation in a course. Absence from classes or examinations for religious reasons does not relieve students from responsibility for any part of the course work required during the period of absence. Students who expect to miss classes, examinations, or other assignments as a consequence of their religious observance shall be provided with an opportunity to pursue a reasonable alternative to complete such academic responsibilities and requirements.

    Students who plan to miss class must:

    1.   Inform instructor in writing of anticipated absences at the beginning of the course;
    2.  Meet with instructors to arrange a plan to complete the student’s academic responsibilities for the course, including the rescheduling of any missed coursework, assignments or examinations; and
    3.  Obtain class notes from other students.

    Students who have properly notified their instructors will be offered an opportunity to make up the work, without penalty, in a manner that is consistent with the attendance policy of the academic unit and is convenient to both students and faculty. To the extent possible, faculty should try to avoid scheduling examinations or deadlines on dates that conflict with religious holidays.

    All university offices and units should make every effort to schedule major events at times that do not conflict with major religious observances and that may inadvertently exclude the participation of some members of the campus community.