• Spiritual Life


    As a United Methodist related university, Hamline welcomes people of all religious traditions as well as those with none. Recognizing that Hamline’s campus community is religiously diverse, the programs of Religious and Spiritual Life are committed to:

    • Building bridges connecting the sacred, academic and social aspects of life on campus;

    • Fostering spiritual exploration and growth;

    • Promoting compassion, justice, and concern for the common good; and

    • Providing personal, emotional, and spiritual support to the campus community.

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    Programs & Events

    View a comprehensive list of Religious and Spiritual Life programs.

  • Wellspring Meditation

    Sacred Places for Prayer and Meditation

    View information on places to worship on campus for a variety of faith and secular traditions.

  • Holy Days

    Calendar of Holy Days and Events

    View a comprehensive list of religious holy days and weekly events held on campus.

  • United Methodist Connection

    United Methodist Connection

    Learn about Hamline University's long history with the United Methodist Church.