• Maintenance Requests

    Maintenance Requests

    Is something broken in your room, apartment, or house?

    If so, please contact your Resident Advisor (RA) or Assistant Area Coordinator (AAC) to report problems or repair needs. Apartment residents should email 1470englewood@hamline.edu to report repair needs.

    Report the following issues:

    • Plumbing Problems: Toilet not working properly, sinks or showers not draining, No hot water, Leaks.

    • Heating Issues: Too hot, too cold.

    • Furnishings: Missing or broken furniture, missing or broken blinds or shades.

    • Bathrooms and common areas: Lights not working, burnt out light bulbs, no toilet paper, trash barrels full, etc.

    • Pest Problems: Mice, ants, or other pest issues.

    • Any housekeeping or cleaning issues for common areas.

    • Any maintenance issues in your room or common areas.

    Please be as detailed as possible when reporting a concern.  Your RA or AAC will need to know the specific location of the problem and require a detailed description of what is wrong and how long you have been experiencing the problem. For example:

    • Do not write: Can't open door.

    • Do write: For a least a week, when I insert my key into the lock of my apartment door (apt. number 1, main door), the key does not turn. I have to wiggle the key multiple times before I can get the door unlocked to enter the apartment. I experience this problem every time I attempt to enter the apartment.

    Emergencies (i.e., gas smell, flooding, plugged toilets) usually receive same day service. Non-emergency repairs are completed within 10 working days.

    Submitting maintenance concern authorizes facilities staff members to enter your house, room, or apartment to attend to the problem.

    If you have a repair emergency (e.g. a pipe in your bathroom bursts) please contact:

    Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
    Office of Residential Life: 651-523-2061
    Apartment Manager: 651-523-2514

    Every Day, 7 p.m. to 7 a.m.
    Apartment RA Duty Phone: 651-325-1516
    Drew RA Duty Phone: 651-325-1472
    Manor and Sorin RA Duty Phone: 651-325-1484
    The Heights Duty Phone: 651-325-1434

    Evenings & Weekends, 24 hours a day
    Safety and Security: 651-523-2100

    Laundry Machine Maintenance

    Our laundry facilities are maintained by our vendor MacGray. If the laundry facilities in your building are not working, please contact MacGray by logging on to the following link: http://www.macgray.com/laundrylinx/index.cgi. The password for Hamline University is: ham. Once you login, please identify your building, equipment name (i.e. washer or dryer), machine number, and explain the problem. Your request for maintenance will be sent directly to MacGray.

    After you submit a request for laundry facility maintenance, please notify your RA.