• Student Health Insurance

    Required Health Insurance Coverage - Undergraduate Students  

    All Hamline University undergraduate students are required to carry health insurance coverage, either your own or the Hamline-sponsored student insurance plan.  Undergraduate students are automatically enrolled in and charged for Hamline's health insurance coverage, through UnitedHealthcare Student Resources. The policy coverage dates are August 18th, 2019 to August 17, 2020.   More information on the policy and terms can be viewed at https://www.uhcsr.com/hamline.  

    UnitedHealthcare does not automatically enroll a student until after the waiver period (September 20, 2019), therefore if you need to use your insurance prior to the waiver deadline, you will need to "opt-in" to access your insurance card and coverage. If you choose not to opt in and wait for the waiver period to end, your insurance is still effective August 18th, 2019. If you would like to pre-enroll before the waiver deadline, please contact Student Accounts at (651) 523-3000.

    Waiving Hamline-Sponsored Insurance Coverage

    If you are a domestic student and you have your own health insurance coverage, you may waive the Hamline-sponsored student health insurance plan by the deadline by entering your insurance company and policy number into Piperline. If you do not waive this coverage by September 20th, 2019, you will automatically be enrolled in (and billed for) the policy sponsored by Hamline University

    Click the following link to learn more about Hamline's Health Insurance Plan

    Information for Graduate Students

    Graduate students (except international graduate students) are not automatically enrolled in the Hamline-sponsored student health insurance plan and are therefore not eligible.