•   Interviewing


    Interviewing is an opportunity for you to “sell” yourself to a company or organization. You will need to clearly articulate your skills and experiences and also connect these to the position you are applying for. Keep in mind interviewing is also your opportunity to determine if the position is the right fit for you. Make an appointment to complete a mock-interview with a career counselor for specific feedback and to gain more interviewing experience.

    Practice Interview Program

    This program provides students the opportunity to practice and develop interviewing skills essential for success in today's job market. Students who are required by faculty to participate sign up for a one hour practice interview slot, submit a resume, and select a job, internship or graduate school program description for which they would like to interview. Students and volunteers are (whenever possible) matched by major and/or career field.

    Case Interview Resources

    Case interviews are a unique interview style currently used in consulting and finance; additional industries are also adopting the style. Interviews focus on how candidates problem solve and respond to high pressure situations. Students interested in consulting, finance or that have upcoming case interviews, are encouraged to use resources listed below to start preparation. The Career Development Center is also available to assist.

    Resource Library

    Our library has a number of resources to aid you with interviews. There are books on interview strategies, typical interview questions, and even salary negotiation. Many of our resources are available for check-out. The library is open during the CDC's business hours.