• Tutoring Services

    The Tutoring Program

    The Tutoring Program matches Hamline students who feel under prepared for a certain course, or simply want to ensure they do their very best, with students who have excelled in that course. We are able to provide tutors for many subjects offered at Hamline and there is no cost to students for the service. Hamline's tutoring program is solely offered to Hamline students. 


    Tutoring Services for fall 2020 will be offering a mix of virtual and in-person tutoring. 

    Drop-in tutoring will continue virtually via Google Meets. Click here to access our current schedule and enter our open Google Meets drop-in sessions. Click on the session you would like, then click the green "Join with Google Meets" button. 

    If you would like to schedule a one-on-one tutoring session, click here to see our list available tutors. The list is sorted by whether they are available for in-person or virtual tutoring, then by subject. Email whoever you are wanting to work with. Ensure the subject line is clear, such as "Looking for a stats tutor" or "Econ tutoring on Monday nights." You are more than welcome to set up recurring appointments or just set up meetings when you need them.Remember that your tutor is a student as well and are managing their own studies and other responsibilities. Please allow tutors up to 48 hours to respond to your request. You can arrange how you plan to meet when setting up the meeting. Please not that we are offering a limited number of in-person tutor sessions for those who cannot reliably access virtual tutoring. If you can access virtual tutoring, we ask that you do so. 

    If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to Hillary Young at hyoung03@hamline.edu  

    The Tutors

    Tutors are Hamline students who have been recommended by faculty for their aptitude for the subject and their personal characteristics. They participate in regular training activities to learn how to provide well-informed, efficient service to students.

    Tutors are attracted to the position because of their love for the subject and enjoyment of sharing their knowledge with others. They also share the methods that have helped them succeed academically: careful reading, thorough note-taking, disciplined attention in lectures, and many subject-specific skills.

    How to Obtain the Most Out of the Tutoring Program

    • Use your tutor as just one of your academic resources.
    • While extremely helpful, your tutor cannot replace the assistance and insights a professor can provide during office hours, the benefits of the Writing and Communication Center and Academic Skills programming, or your own hard work.
    • Be aware that tutoring does not work as a "quick fix."
    • Come in early in the term and work regularly with your tutor.
    • Come prepared: bring your textbook, assignment sheets, class notes, and returned quizzes and exams; have the reading done and get as far as you can on your own; prepare questions in advance for your tutor.
    • Be respectful of your tutor's time: be on time for appointments; cancel or change appointments well in advance.

    If You Have Questions or Concerns

    Students at Hamline give extremely high evaluations of the tutoring program and praise the tutors who work here. However, if you have concerns or complaints about your tutor's performance, please call us at 651-523-2912 or email us at advising@hamline.edu. 

    Becoming a Tutor

    Interested in becoming a tutor? Our Tutor Application & Policies will be posted soon. Call us if you have any questions: 651-523-2912.


  • News


    Hamline is increasingly gaining attention for providing hands-on research opportunities for undergraduate students. One example is the student team who work for Jillian Peterson, Ph.D., professor of criminology and criminal justice, conducting research that impacts the national conversation on gun violence/mass shootings.


    On Friday, September 25, Hamline University’s Food Resource Center hosted a one-year anniversary party outside of the Anderson Center.  The campus community was invited to attend this celebration of a remarkable year of challenges, successes and growth.